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List of experiments


Physics Laboratory II is equipped with 53 modern exrcise kits. Most of them perform different variants of the given experiment depending on the major study and specialization.
For students of physics and biophysics, the experiment is perofrmed over a period of 3 consecutive classes while students of advanced materials and nanotechnology perform their experiments during a week.  At specialized laboratories experiments can last even several weeks on a given set.



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Set Experiment Room no Supervisor
Z1 Study of phase transitions in thermotropic liquid crystals by polarizing optical microscopy method F-2-15 dr hab. Jakub Rysz
Z2 Dielectric anisotropy of nematic liquid crystals F-2-15 dr hab. Jakub Rysz
Z3 Advanced methods of optical microscopy for examination of biological samples F-2-15 dr Joanna Raczkowska
Z4 Structural study and quantitative anlysis of crystalline substances with X-ray difraction method F-2-13 dr Teresa Jaworska-Gołąb
Z5 Zeeman effect in the Hg spectrum measured with the Fabry-Pérot interferometer F-2-11 dr Tomasz Kawalec
Z6 Continuous wave NMR F-2-09 dr Anna Majcher
Z7 Studding magnetic relaxation of protons by spin echo method F-2-09 dr hab. Leszek Józefowski
Z8 Pulsed Nuclear Magnetic  Resonance (NMR) spectrometer. Fourier spectroscopy and relaxometry F-2-09 dr hab. Leszek Józefowski
Z9 Physial properties of semicondutor devices F-2-07 dr hab. Stanisław Baran
Z10 Properties of barium titanate near the Cuire point F-2-07 dr hab. Jakub Rysz
Z11   Checking the Stefan - Boltzmann formula and determination of the C2 constant appearing in the Plank's law F-2-07 prof. dr hab. Jacek Kołodziej
Z17 Studying models of crystalline surfaces using diffraction based methods F-2-02 prof. dr hab. Jacek Kołodziej
Z19 Determination of dissociacion energy of I2 molecule   F-2-06 prof. dr hab. Jarosław Koperski
Z21 Martensitic transformation in shape memory alloys investigated by resistometric method F-2-08 dr hab. Stanisław Baran
Z22 Elemental analysis of solid and liquid substances by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy F-2-08 dr Teresa Jaworska-Gołąb
Z23 Resistometric studies of magnetic and order-disorder structural phase transitions in iIntermetallic compounds F-2-08 dr Teresa Jaworska-Gołąb
Z24 Optical pumping F-2-01 dr Tadeusz Pałasz
Z25 Optical Fiber Amplifier EDFA   F-2-10 dr hab. Krzysztof Dzierżęga
Z26 Fiber Bragg grating F-2-10 dr hab. Krzysztof Dzierżęga
Z28 Holography F-2-16 dr Tomasz Kawalec
Z28B Digital holography F-2-16 dr Tomasz Kawalec
Z29 Nuclear electronics (introductory exercise for sets from nuclear physics Z30 — Z39) G-2-13 dr hab. Roman Skibiński
Z30 Energy measurement of α particles by a semiconductor spectrometer. Determination of energy-losses
of α particles in aluminium and air
G-2-13 dr hab. Jacek Zejma
Z31 Rutherford experiment  G-2-13 dr hab. Jacek Zejma
Z32 Measuring the spectra of beta radiation using a simple magnetic spectrometer  G-2-13 dr hab. Jacek Zejma
Z33 Pomiar i analiza widm promieniowania γ za pomocą spektrometru scyntylacyjnego.
Wyznaczenie współczynnika absorpcji promieniowania γ w metalach.
G-2-13 dr Witold Przygoda
Z34 Properties of germanium semiconductor detector and a scintillation cristal G-2-13 prof. dr hab. Andrzej Magiera
Z36 Model of PET  G-2-13 dr Aleksandra Wrońska
Z37 Muon lifetime G-2-13 prof. dr hab. Jerzy Smyrski
Z38 Cosmic rays G-2-13 prof. dr hab. Jerzy Smyrski
Z39 X1 - X radiation
X2 - Compton effect

X3 - X ray dosimetry
X4 - X-rays imaging
G-2-13 dr Eryk Czerwiński
prof. dr hab. Andrzej Magiera
dr Eryk Czerwiński
prof. dr hab. Andrzej Magiera
Z43 Electrical conductivity of nanowires G-2-09 dr Szymon Godlewski
Z44 Quantum dots G-2-09 dr Szymon Godlewski
Z47 Research of the electrophysiological properties of cell bilayers G-2-16 dr hab. Zenon Rajfur
Z48 Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) G-2-16 prof. dr hab. Ewa Stępień
Z49 Biosensors G-2-16 dr hab. Zenon Rajfur
Z51 Study of the surface structure of organic and inorganic materials by means of atomic force scanning microscopy (AFM) G-2-20 dr Marta Targosz-Korecka
Z52 Ion sources and basis of mass spectrometry B-0-19 prof. dr hab. Andrzej Warczak
Z54 Optical tweezers G-2-11 dr hab. Krzysztof Dzierżęga